Ski Lifts

The equipment, servicing the network of ski tracks in the holiday resort Pamporovo, has the capacity for 11 600 people per hour. There are 9 ski tow lines, as well as there are 6 ski lifts (seats) and they help skiers to move quickly and comfortably.
The access to the equipment is controlled by the help of a chip card (smart card) manufactured by an Austrian company.

Winter season from 8:45am to 4:30pm
Lift #4 Smolyan lakes friday, saturday and sunday 8:45-16:30

Summer season from 9:15am to 4:30pm
Lifts #2 and #4; Lift #1 friday, saturday and sunday from 9:15am to 4:45pm

See the current status of the lifts in Pamporovo.


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